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Titanic Facts

Titanic Passengers

324 1st class passengers, 201 survivors.
277 2nd class passengers, 118 survivors.
708 3rd class passengers, 181 survivors.

Titanic Crew

885 crew members, 212 survivors.
13 postmen/musicians, no survivors.

How many people died on the Titanic?

Grand total of 2,208 on board for the maiden voyage only 712 survived, there were 1496 victims.
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How big was the Titanic?

Length: 882 feet 9 inches.
Beam: 92 feet
Gross tonnage: 46,328 tons
Propulsion: Three propellers
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Engines: Two triple-expansion reciprocating steam engines
One low-pressure Parsons turbine
25 double-ended and 4 single-ended Scotch-type boilers
159 coal burning furnaces
Top speed : 23 knots.
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