Songe d'Automne

Songe d'Automne

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Songe d'Autmone (Dream of Autumn) was composed by Archibald Joyce (25 May 1873 to 22 March 1963). Joyce, popularly known as the "English Waltz King", had considerable success in England with this piece which was included in the repertoire for White Star Line orchestra's.

Harold Bride's recollection of "Autumn" playing as the Titanic foundered has led to speculation that he was in fact referring to Songe d'Automne with which he would undoubtedly been familiar.

This edison cylinder of Songe d'Autmone was recorded in mid 1912 by a string orchestra. The limitations of the recording process often forced record companies to substitute tubas for bass violin. The slightly odd results are characteristic of recordings of the period.

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Courtesy of the Edison Museum, Menlo Park, New Jersey (© 2001)

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Our samples reflect the recording methods of the day. The cylinders and records have all been played on authentic turn of the century equipment. No digital enhancement has been applied.

The Bodleian Music Library, Oxford
Walter Lord (1986) The Night Lives On: Thoughts, Theories and Revelations about the Titanic

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