Mr. A. H. Barkworth

Mr. A. H. Barkworth

Brighton Argus

Mr. A. H. Barkworth, of Tranby House, East Yorkshire, said he was sitting in the smoking room when the boat struck the iceberg. He saw Mr. W. T. Stead on the deck. he described how the forecastle was full of powdered ice. He noted that the foremast was listing heavily to starboard. As Captain Smith was telling the women to put on their lifebelts, Mr. Stead went to his cabin and changed his clothes. All the boats had left his deck. He put on his life belt and fur coat and jumped overboard. While he was swimming hard to get away he was stuck by wreckage, and a huge wave passed over his head. Swimming about he found a boat which was rather crowded. He clutched at it and was helped on board. After that they helped another man in. Two men died after being helped into a small boat.

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