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Pictures of the Titanics Dead

This discussion on "Pictures of the Titanics Dead" is in the Halifax recovery operation burials etc section; Even though this is definitely a morbid topic, I am interested in knowing what ever ...

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    Even though this is definitely a morbid topic, I am interested in knowing what ever happened to the photographs taken of the bodies recovered from the Titanic site. I have read in various places that there was a photograph taken of each individual victim to aid in the identification process. Are these photos still in the Halifax archives, have they ever been published. If one ever gets a chance to purchase or read the book, Titanic: 31 Norweigan Destines, there is a photograph of Sigurd Moen's body laying in a wooden casket. To date, this is the only close-up picture I have seen of the Titanic dead. I by no means want to give off the impression, that I am some sort of ghoul who possesses a fetish for dead people, but I am passionate about the Titanic story and am eager to learn all I can about the ship and those that sailed on her. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


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    There are good photographs of two Titanic victims in “Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy”. If I'm right, one of them is a bath attendant and the other is a steward. Sorry that I cannot remember the page on which they appear.

    In response to your question, I believe there is quite a big chance that all these pictures are still in the possession of the Halifax national archives. Hope I helped,

    Charles Provost

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    The picture of the corpse of Sigurd Moen shows up in a number of books ("Titanic, 31 Norwegian Destinies", for one) as does an unidentified victim being embalmed on the deck of the Mackay Bennett.

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    Rob Jewel
    I am looking for information on a "lookout". He
    would be 18-25 or so, at the time of the sinking.
    Hw was a crew member of the RMS TITANIC, in 1912.
    He is ARCHIBALD JEWEL/JEWELL. He was on the DAY
    crew shift, with RICHARD SYMONS. I would like to
    know more about him. Or even find a photograph of him. I do not know if he lived or not. I also do not know if he even was aboard, but the
    records I've seen say he was...

    Many thanks to all in advance...

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    Dear Rob,
    Archie Jewell was born December 4, 1888 in Bude, North Cornwall, England and married Elizabeth (Bessie) Heard (1889-1962) on August 24, 1915. He and his wife had a son, Raymond, who died as a teenager. Archie was killed on April 17, 1917 when his ship, the DONEGAL, was torpedoed in the English Channel. There is a very in-depth biographical article in the Atlantic Daily Bulletin, Number 4, 1999, page 21 which will give you much more information resulting from the excellent research of Steve Coombs. A photo of Archie appears on page 232 of the book TITANIC VOICES by Donald Hyslop. You can order a copy of the above referenced Atlantic Daily Bulletin from the British Titanic Society, P.O. Box 401, Hope Carr Way, Leigh, Lancs., England, WN7 3WW.

    I hope this helps.

    Phillip Gowan

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    Can somebody please tell me if there were any transexuals on board the titanic,and if there were , were they counted as women when the lifeboats were being loaded so therefore were they granted access??

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    Jen K.
    This is response to TMONERA question about transexuals aboard Titanic. That is a thoughtless and offending to ask on such a matter as this. That is the last thing I would ever ask a message board. Even if there were do you really think it would be a topic of discussion in Titanic's history books!

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    I agree with you Jen!!

    I second that in a hearbeat! How could anybody even think of asking that kind of a question?!

    Jason D. Tiller
    Jason D. Tiller
    "To be happy is to be contented in your own mind"...Harold Godfrey Lowe
    43° 44' 01" N, 79° 24' 16"W
    Author of an upcoming biography on Arthur G. Peuchen

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    OOOOHHHH touchy Jen honey in case you have not noticed this is a discussion board dear so get over it

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    You tell her Thelma honey , In answer to your question that is debatable there could of been but I just can't help you there ,sorry darling


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