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SS Lurline

This discussion on "SS Lurline" is in the Other Ships and Shipwrecks section; Have you tried Ancestry.com? I looked there, and found that the Lurline arrived in San ...

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    Have you tried Ancestry.com? I looked there, and found that the Lurline arrived in San Francisco on May 31, 1943, and was in Honolulu on July 26, as she returned to San Francisco. I can't find an early July record of her arriving in Hawaii en route to Brisbane, but if you go to the Immigration section of the site, and keyword his name, Lurline, and 1943, you might find something.

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    Virginia Basl
    so cool finding this site! my parents, sister & i left San Francisco on the Lurline 26 May 1962 for Honolulu. am interested in finding passenger list, photos, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra Idleman View Post
    I was looking up information on the S.S Lurline and came across this link. I came to the U.S. from Australia on the first ship of war brides(the Lurline) after the war ended. We left Brisbane on Sept. 11, 1945. I was the youngest onboard - less than a month old. There were manifests available because I've seen the one of that voyage. Someone sent it to me. I believe the Lurline did take troops to Japan, but the war ended before they arrived.
    I was s crew member on the Lurline in 1945 and we were bringing Engineering troops from France to Manila. The war ended as we were leaving Ulithi Island after refueling there. We remained in Manila a few days before going to Brisbane to pick up mostly Australian War Brides along with some wounded troops and other's.There were many little babies on board...so I probably saw you back then. I was 18 years old.
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    "My grandfather C.A.Berndtson was the captain of the LURLINE " He was also Captain on the SS Malolo in the last three months of 1929 during the 'Round the Pacific Goodwill Tour". The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County is producing a full-length documentary of this cruise and I am searching for first-hand accounts written by those who sailed aboard her. By any chance, did you or any other descendant inherit a diary he may have written during this cruise. Please contact me [email protected] in San Jose, CA Any other ephemera saved by him on this specific cruise?


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