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Clive Palmer's planned Titanic II

This discussion on "Clive Palmer's planned Titanic II" is in the Titanic News section; are they really building a 2nd titanic ship? I think it would be kool but ...

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    New titanic?

    are they really building a 2nd titanic ship? I think it would be kool but yet on the other hand i think it may be curresed from start to finish becaues of all the lifes that were lost and how tragic the whole shipwreck was....it will never be forgotten but it should remain a memorie and not copied for a second one.

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    Such a project was announced several years ago. The ship was to have been built in China, but construction never started. There were several practical questions that were raised, some on this forum, but never addressed. I think this was a P.R. stunt timed to capitalize on the 100th anniversary of the sinking.

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    Reading up on it, I'd say the project has silently bit the dust. The last word on it was months ago and it was saying the project was years behind schedule and never got past the promotion phase. Given that, I'd say promoting the project was more important than actually doing it. It's just another live Jurassic Park for Palmer.

    It's a shame. I would have gone on board.


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