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God himself couldn't sink this ship

This discussion on "God himself couldn't sink this ship" is in the Titanic the Unsinkable section; This is upsetting me that i've heard this quote and can't find a thing on ...

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    God himself couldn't sink this ship

    This is upsetting me that i've heard this quote and can't find a thing on it!I just want to know if this qoute was only use for the Titanic movie? Or, did the people of of Titanic actually thought this? If so, where can I go to find info on this quote?
    Thank you to those who can help me on this subject.

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    :In Southampton, Sylvia Caldwell asked a porter if the ship was really unsinkable. He said something
    :like "Yes mum, God Himself could not sink this ship."

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    Hi Christa!

    I've seen the reason for this quote somewhere in a brazilian Titanic's page I believe.

    The newspapers at the time started to wrote this quote about the Titanic because, one day, someone saw in the water the message "NO POPE" and like the Pope is the closest person to God the newspapers wrote that. The truth is that the message "NO POPE" was the reflection of the number of the ship in the water.

    Try this:

    Write 3909 04 on a paper turn it to a mirror and turn it upside down (I believe is like this). You'll see something like this
    "NO POPE"

    So this is what I know about it.

    The thing is that the men fought with God and they've losed!

    (sorry about the bad english!!!!)


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    The quote comes from a newsmagazine, saying that titanic was ALMOST unsinkable.
    People forgot the almost.
    it was a nice advertising thing...

    That No pope is a rumour about titanic, people sad that Irish people wrote that on the hull before being launched.
    The numbers are right, but they are in no way connected to titanic.


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    Sorry Remco!

    I'm not sure about what the numbers are but they are realted to the Titanic. I believe they're some kind of serial number or something like that!!


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    Alyssa Stell
    The media did say that the ship was unsinkable.
    It was people who worked and were going to ride the "Titanic" some of them I think said even God couldn't sink it.

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    Melissa Coe
    No ship is unsinkable, it's as simple as that.

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    Richard K. Mason
    Hello Christa;

    The quote you refer to as did the guy with the French name above may have appeared in newspapers and magazines from the 1912 period. Maybe this is where Walter Lord got his information for his book, "A Night To Remember". It appears on page 73 of the 1976 deluxe re-print edition. Do you have a copy? Or maybe he interviewed Mrs. Caldwell while researching his best-seller in the 1950's. Anyway, this is where I first came across the line in the mid 1960's.

    Okay? Have a good day

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    Noel F.Jones
    Presumably God himself couldn't have sunk the Olympic either.

    This amusing anecdote, of which I've seen several equally improbable sources, derives from wherever the current author best thinks it will serve his narration.


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    George Behe
    Hi, Noel!

    >Presumably God himself couldn't have sunk the >Olympic either.

    I don't presume to know if God regarded the Olympic as unsinkable, but human beings did. See my website:


    Scroll down to the table of contents and click on "How the Titanic Became Unsinkable."

    All my best,



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