Letter to Mrs. Harris

Letter to Mrs. Harris

Typed letter on letterhead from Theatrical Protective Union No. 1 of New York to Mrs. Henry B. Harris, presenting her with resolutions of sympathy and attached signatures of the organization's membership.

New York, August 17, 1912.

Mrs. Henry B. Harris
Central Park West and 65th Street
New York City, N.Y.

Dear Mrs. Harris: –

As the Committee which has been appointed by our organization to have a set of Resolutions drafted, expressing the sincere sympathies of the members of our organization with you in your recent sad bereavement, we have delegated to present the same to you.

We who have worked with Mr. Harris in this life were better able than others to judge and appreciate his noble character, generous heart, and sympathetic feelings and words really fail us when we attempt to express to you the sincerity and weight of our sorrows at the loss of Mr. Henry B. Harris.

We know that the loss of Mr. Harris has been a monumental one to you, but we trust that the fact that Mr. Harris was loved, honored and obeyed by ALL the members of this great organization are conveyed to you in the Resolutions which were unanimously passed at our meeting, held Sunday, April 28, 1912, and a copy of same are presented to you herewith.

With renewed expression of the sympathies of our entire organization collectively, as well as our personal sorrows at the loss of a man whose friendship we had valued for years, we remain,

Resolution Committee (undersigned)
James Maxwell
Thomas Carmoder
et al.

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