Marriage of Daniel Marvin and Mary Farquharson

Marriage of Daniel Marvin and Mary Farquharson

New York Times

[This paragraph was part of a full page entitled City Social Notes; the "Tuesday" and "Wednesday" mentioned in the article were 12 and 13 March. The incorrect spelling of "Farquharson" is in the original.]

Miss Mary G. C. Farquharsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Farquharsen of 317 Riverside Drive, was married to Daniel Warren Marvin on Tuesday. The ceremony was performed in the home of the bride's parents by the Rev. Dr. John Caughey of the Harlem Presbyterian Church. The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norton Marvin, of Riverside Drive. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin sailed on the Mauretania on Wednesday for a bridal trip of five weeks.

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