Miss Amelie Icard's testimony, February 1959

Miss Amelie Icard's testimony, February 1959

Amelie Icard gave a long interview to reporters of the French magazine 'Paris Match', published on 14 February 1959 (issue # 514). The article was illustrated with a picture of Melle Icard talking to the reporters. She was then living in Grenoble, France. It seems she never married, as she appeared in the article as "Melle Icard". She was then still alive in 1959. The Association Francaise du Titanic is enquiring on her exact date and place of death.
The 8 page article in 'Paris Match' was published just after the sinking of the 'Hans Hedtoft', sunk on her maiden voyage by an iceberg on January 30 1959. The reporters, Jean-Marc Sabathier and Jean-Paul Penez, made a parallel with the story of the Titanic and took the opportunity to interview Melle Icard, "the last French survivor of the Titanic" (sic).

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