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Five Days, 13 Hours, 20 Minutes from Daunt's Rock to the Lightship
The new White Star liner Olympic, which arrived in Quarantine last night and anchored, has made even better time on her second voyage that she did on her first, nearly a month ago. She left Queenstown at 2 P. M. on Thursday, July 13, and passed the Ambrose Channel Lightship at 10:50 P. M. last night, making the voyage across in 5 days, 13 hours and 20 minutes from Daunt's Rock.

Capt. E. J. Smith, in his wireless dispatch last night, said that the Olympic's daily runs were 525 miles to noon on Friday, July 14; 560 to noon on Saturday, 534 to Sunday, 536 to Monday, and to noon yesterday 518 miles, making an average speed for the five days of 21.68 knots an hour.

The Olympic is expected to dock at 8 o'clock this morning. Among her passengers is Lord Pirrie, head of Harland & Wolff's shipbuilding yard at
Belfast, who was the principal associate with J. Pierpont Morgan in forming the Atlantic combination now known as the International Mercantile
Navigation [sic; should be "Marine"] Company, of which the White Star line is a part.

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