Adele Nasser

Mrs Adele Nasser (née Achem)

(Unidentified El Paso newspaper, 21 January 1970 / Phillip Gowan, USA)

Mrs Nicholas Nasser (Nasrallah) (Adele Achem / Hakim), 14 (1), was born in Zahlah (Zahle), Lebanon on 19 March 1898, the daughter of Habib Hakim (2) and his wife Ator Achem (?Rose Gresati) from Zahle, Lebanon. She and her husband Nicholas boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as second class passengers. To reach their destination New York, they bought ticket number 237736 for 30 1s 5d.

Mrs Nasser survived the sinking, whereas her husband did not. To the Immigration Officer she gave her destination as Cleveland, Ohio, but unknown adress. This was given in the Senate's list as 652 Bolivia Road.

Adele Hakim Nasser was newly married to Nicholas Nasser and was pregnant. Her little boy was born on 9 December 1912 but died hours later.

She later remarried to Albert A. Shamaley who was born 15 May 1884 and died in a car accident in August of 1969.

She died in El Paso Texas on 20 January 1970. She was survived by her four chuldren and her sister Mary and brother Richard who had also emigrated to America.

1. This is the age calculated from the date on the death certificate. Other lists give her age as 18 however, the obituary of 1970 gives her age as 72 so she probably was only 14 on the Titanic.
2. Names are often Anglicised on different lists.

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Articles and Stories

Mrs Nasrallah writes to Mrs Astor

Fort Wayne News  (1912) 


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