Mrs Anna Elisabeth Judith Dyker (née Andersson)

(Courtesy of Michael A. FIndlay, USA)

Mrs Adolf Fredrik Dyker (Anna Elisabeth Judith Andersson), 22, was born on 24 November 1889 the daughter of Carl Anderson and his wife Matilda Johnson. She lived 468 Washington St. New Haven, Connecticut, and was married to Adolf Dyker. She also had a brother Fritz Anderson living in USA.

Elisabeth Dyker was born in Worchester, Massachusetts and had met Adolf when his family moved to 187 Center St. New Haven. They had got married not long before and had their new house in New Haven almost ready built. Elisabth gave music lessons and was teaching herself to become a singer.

Elisabeth and Adolf were travelling from Gnesta, Sweden to New Haven. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passengers. When the Titanic was sinking "Fred" put her into lifeboat 16 "kissed me and stepped back to let other women enter the boat." With her in the lifeboat she had her handbag with among other things two golden watches, two diamond rings and a sapphire necklace, but she lost the handbag either in the lifeboat or on Carpathia , she could not say where. Adolf died in the sinking, his body was never found.

From New York she sent a telegram to New Haven, "Liza saved, Fred lost". To ministry of foreign affairs in Stockholm she wrote:

  • "I lost my husband and everything I owned, I was wounded when I was brought from Titanic, that together with sorrow and worries has completely broke me down. My health have not recovered, I have tried to done some work to earn my living, as I'm now living in my parents home and my father is old and cannot earn too much, I cannot fully be a burden to him, but my strength doesn't allow me to do further work."

Elisabeth received $1200 from the Red Cross Fund in New York, $300 from "The Women's Relief Committee", New York. No papers on damage claims paid exists, but she sued White Star for $4000 for lost luggage and $14000 for loss of husband.

After the disaster Elisabeth Dyker continued as a music teacher, she remarried to John A.Josephson and moved to New Jersey where she lived until her death on 19 February 1961.

Courtesy of Michael A. Findlay, USA

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