Miss Annie Moore Ward

Annie Moore Ward

Miss Anna Ward, 35, was born 1 August 1876. She came to America from Scotland with her mother, brother and sister. They lived in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA. She worked as personal maid and companion to Mrs Charlotte Cardeza. They boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg.

After the collision and crew were starting to load boats Anna was in her nightgown. She put a fur coat on top of her gown and then took some things that were on a table or nightstand or maybe both. She placed these things in the pockets of her fur coat. When she offered the things that she had taken, to Mrs Cardeza, Mrs Cardeza said that Anna could keep them.

Anna was rescued in lifeboat 3.

Anna Ward continued to work for Charlotte till the end of her employer's life.

She married Charlotte’s gardener William S. Moynahan.

Family members recall Annie as being a bit eccentric but also a very interesting woman. When Anna died, in the 1950s, she left some jewelry and salt and pepper shakers from the Titanic to her family.

She died on 25 Decemer 1955.



Anna Ward

Articles and Stories

Washington Times (1912) 
Evening Bulletin (1912) 


Janet A. Kunz, USA (Grandaughter of Anna Ward's brother Mr James Moore Ward)
Hermann Söldner, Germany


  1. She was recorded as aged 40 by the Immigration Officer (List or Manifest...).
  2. Her grave gives her birth year as 1874.

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