Miss Clear Annie Cameron

Clear Annie Cameron

Miss Clear Annie Cameron, 35, was born on 8 March 1877 in Pendleton, Salford, Lancashirre1, the daughter of Annie and Harry Cameron, a master tailor. Before deciding to go to America to earn more money than in England she worked as personal maid to Lady Ella Oldham, and resided at 46 Hyde Park Gate in London.

She and her friend Nellie Wallcroft had booked passage on another liner but were transferred to the Titanic. They boarded at Southampton and shared a second class cabin for two on E-Deck. To reach their destination Mamaroneck, N.Y., they bought their second class ticket number F.C.C. 13528 for £21.

Miss Cameron had a sister, Janet Gertrude Dowding at 13 Coipaition Road, Bournemouth, England. She corresponded for many years with her. In a letter dated from 21 April 1912 she told her story of the wrecking. She and her friend had retired at 10.30 p.m. for bed and were asleep when the collision occurred. Miss Cameron was awoken by Nellie, who said: "Clear, what's that?". Miss Walcroft was nearly thrown from her bed. Both stayed in their cabin till someone shouted outside: "an iceberg". They dressed and went on deck. After a while they entered lifeboat 14, when fifth officer Lowe used his revolver twice to keep people away from the boat. After lowering Clear took an oar and rowed.

Later in the night they were transferred to boat 10. Rescued by the Carpathia they had to sleep on the floor of the Dining Room. They arrived in New York on 18 April 1912. They were met by Nellie Walcroft's sister and brother-in-law, Mr and Mrs Carl Land of Ruddington Farm, Mamaroneck, N.Y. Mr Land was a chauffeur and had been lent the family car to collect the girls.

Clear Cameron got a job as maid to Mrs Nelson Henry, 59 W. 9th Street, New York. She stayed with the Henrys for about six months. She was paid $25 a month, $5 less than usual therefore she was always looking for a new job. A year later, in October 1913, she was at Haverford, Pennsylvania. From here on what became of her is unknown.

Miss Cameron never received compensation for the loss of her property worth $1071.40.

In America she worked for a Mrs McCawley, in Haverford (Philadelphia).

She later married William Fancis and they returned to England and settled in Tolworth, Surrey.

Clear suffered mental problems for some years and was placed in a psychiatric institution in Woking. 

Clear Cameron died on 2 February 1962.  She was cremated and her ashes were scattered across the Keats Garden in the Woking St. John Crematorium, Surrey.2


  1. On the Manifest for the Immigration Officer her age was given by her as 31.
  2. Her age on the Death register is 78... she was almost 85.

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Clear Cameron


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Articles and Stories

An account of my journey on the Titanic

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