Mr Daniel Buckley

Daniel Buckley

Mr Daniel Buckley, 21, from Kingwilliamstown (now Ballydesmond), Co Cork, Ireland boarded the Titanic at Queenstown (ticket number 330920, £7 15s 17d). He led a group of passengers that consisted of Hannah Riordan, Bridget Bradley, Patrick Denis O'Connell, Patrick O'Connor, Nora O'Leary and Michael Linehan.

Buckley who was asleep in a communal third class cabin near the bow when the collision took place awoke to find seawater ankle deep on the floor. He attempted to wake his bunkmates but when they did not listen to his warnings he left the cabin, closing the door behind him. He did not see them again.

Buckley now made his up to the open decks but when he neared the steps to the first class area he found himself surrounded by other steerage passengers their way blocked by a crew member who refused them access. One man tried to break though but was thrown back, angrily he ran back but the seaman locked the gate. The man smashed the lock and the passengers, among them Daniel Buckley, forced their way through.

Now on the Boat Deck Buckley and some other male passsengers leapt into Lifeboat 13, many of the men were dragged out but Buckley remembered later how a woman (he mistakenly thought it was Mrs John Jacob Astor) covered him in a ladies shawl and he was still aboard when the boat was eventually lowered into the water.

Buckley died in 1918 while serving in world war one.



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