David Vartanian

Mr David Vartanian

Mr David Vartanian (1), 22, was born 15 April 1890 (2) in Turkish Armenia, the son of Azadia Vartanian and Sierma Agoien.

Vartanian worked as a labourer and lived in Oror, Township of Kighi (now Kigi, Prov. Bingl), Prov. Ezroom (now Erzurum), in Turkish Armenia, was a Christian, and after Turkish Muslims renewed an ongoing vendetta against Christians, Vartanian and several of his compatriots, Neshan Krekorian, Orsen Sirayanian, Ortin Zakarian and Mapriededer Zakarian decided to flee the country and emigrate to Canada. Mr Vartanian was married. His wife Bajer Vartanian stayed in Kigi.

Vartanian boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg as a third class passenger (ticket number 2658, price 7 4s 6d). He was rescued, he claimed in Collapsible A, but it is more likely that he escaped in a standard lifeboat, possibly #13 but more likely 15 (PEK). 15 April 1912 was his 22nd birthday.

In Canada he went with Krekorian to Mr Paul Martin, 108 Princess Street, Hamilton, Ontario.

After living for a short time in Brantford, Ontario near the Krekorians, he went to Meadville, Pennsylvania and lived there as late as 1937 and was employed by the W.P.A. following the Great Depression. He finally settled in the Detroit area.

He remarried to Mary Baidzar who was born 15 April 1895 and died in Detroit on 12 October 1979. They had a son Jack (now deceased) and two daughters, Rose and Alice.

David Vartunian died in Detroit, Michigan in August 1966 aged 76.

1. He is often listed as "David Vartunian".
2. He alternately claimed to have been born in 1890 and 1892 but descendants believe the 1890 date is the correct one (PG).

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