Mr Eino William Lindqvist

Mr Eino Lindqvist, 20, was born on February 13, 1892. A single man, he came from Dalsbruk (Taalintehdas), Kimito Island, in southwest Finland. Eino boarded the Titanic at Southampton. He was travelling to Hoboken, New Jersey. He travelled to Monessen Pennsylvania. Travelling with him were his sister Helga Hirvonen, neice Hildur and August Abrahamsson. This was to be his first visit to America.

On the Titanic Eino, like all unmarried men, had been placed in the forward parts of the ship. After the collision August Abrahamsson came and told him to rise, he himself did not believe there was any danger. They went up and saw the ice laying on deck. When they returned to their cabins the water was beginning to enter there and they quickly moved towards the stern compartments. Eino found his sister, and together they moved upwards to the deck. He placed her in lifeboat 15 and had, according to himself was refusd entry to the boat and had to throw himself into the water, where he survived on a raft. However, his description doesn't fit with any lifeboat story, probably he just got himself a place in the same boat, where the majority were men.

In New York he was met by his brother in law, Alexander Hirvonen and he followed the Hirvonens to Monessen.



Leif Snellman, Finland

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