Miss Elizabeth Weed Shutes

Elizabeth Weed Shutes

Miss Elizabeth Weed Shutes [1], 40, was bon on 30 April 1871 in Newburgh, New York.

Liz Shutes was governess to Margaret Graham they boarded the Titanic at Southampton as first class passengers, and occupied cabin C-125.

Margaret and Liz felt the collision in their cabin. A passing crew man said there was no danger but Margaret felt differently. She was eating a chicken sandwich and the chicken kept falling from the bread because her hands were shaking.

The ladies were helped to lifeboat 3. From the boat Elizabeth watched a shooting star. It reminded of the time she left Japan at night. She was lonely and scared. She begged two women in the boat to stop smoking but they would not.

When the Carpathia arrived she would not try the ladder so she sat in a rope sling and was swept aloft with a mighty jerk. From somewhere above, a man let out "Careful, boys, she's a light-weight!"

According to Margaret Graham's granddaughter, Miss Shute did not remain in the Graham family employ for long. Margaret viewed her as somewhat less than competent and was not fond of her.

Elizabeth Weed Shutes died, unmarried, in Utica, New York on 27 October 1949.

1. Her surname was sometimes spelled "Shute", however it seems some members of her family preferred to use the spelling "Shutes", her father and other relatives had the name Shutes engraved on their graves, and it is was "Shutes" that she was listed on the Titanic passenger list as well as in her property claim against the White Star Line. But on most other extant documents she spells it "Shute".



Elizabeth Shutes

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