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Mr Edvard Larsson was born in Lysvik, Värmland, Sweden on 2 December 1889.

He was the son of Lars Persson (b. 1858), a tenant farmer, and Maria Nilsdotter (b. 1862). His known siblings were: Emma Theresia (b. 1881), Nils Johan (b. 1884), Erik Viktor (b. 1887), Anna Regina (b. 1893), Berta Albertina (b. 1896), Lars Arvid (b. 1898), Otto Helmer (b. 1900) and Signe Maria (b. 1902). 

Edvard had emigrated to the USA in 1908, living in Missoula, Montana where he worked as a cook. He appears on the 1910 census in that city and lived at 533 East Rent Street. His brother Nils lived in Beaver, Montana and in America they both went by the name of Rondberg.

He returned to Sweden to fetch his fiancée, Berta Olivia Nilsson 1 and they were returning to Missoula from Lysvik. They boarded the Titanic at Southampton on 10 April 1912 as third class passengers, Edvard on ticket number 347065 which cost £7m 15s, 6d.

Edvard Larsson died in the sinking and his body, if recovered, was never identified. Berta Nilsson was among the rescued.

The Mansion House Fund paid 874.08 Kr (£48) to his parents and a claim for damages of 1366.50 Kr (£75) was paid 31 May 1914.



Gavin Bell, UK
Leif Snellman, Finland


Berta would identify him as a cousin in later reports
Rondberg and Larsson are on some lists as two different persons.

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