Mr Erik Johansson

Mr Erik Johansson, 22, was born 14 October 1889 and lived in Frostensmåla, Vissefjärda, Kalmar, Småland, Sweden.

Erik Johansson probably lived with his parents. His destination and reason for the trip are unknown. He did not announce his intentions to the authorities and was thus considered illegal emigrant. He bought his ticket in Copenhagen and boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a third class passenger .

He died in the sinking, his body was found (#156) by crew of the MacKay Bennett. He was probably identified by his ticket number 350052 that was found in his pocket. He wore a gray suit but no shoes. He was buried at sea on 24 April 1912.

The Mansion House Fund paid 875.52 Kr (£48) to parents 1366.50 Kr (£75) damage claims paid to parents 16 June 1914.

Record of Bodies and Effects: Passengers and Crew, S.S. Titanic (Public Archives of Nova Scotia) (#156)
Claes-Göran Wetterholm (1988, 1996, 1999) Titanic. Prisma, Stockholm. ISBN 91 518 3644 0

Leif Snellman, Finland

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