Mr Erik Gustaf Åkerlind

Mr Erik Gustaf Lindeberg-Lind, 42, was born 18 June 1869 the son of the late Per Åkerlind and Eva Åkerlind. He was from the estate of Jordanstorp, Sörmland, Sweden.

Lindeberg-Lind had, in his youth, emigrated and made a career in the US Navy where he advanced to Commander. Having made his fortune in the USA he got married but the marriage failed and, after the divorce, he returned to Sweden where he bought back the Jordanstorp manor his father had lost. He remarried to Elsa Teresia Karsten who had a son Åke Raoul from an earlier marriage.

The rebuilding and repair of the manor and some unsuccessful investments led to the loss of his fortune and he fell into the hands of loan shark Jean Jansson. To save himself from his debts Lind decided to return to USA and build up a new fortune. On the passenger list he went under the name Edward Lingrey, because he did now want to be recognized by his ex-wife.

He boarded the Titanic at Southampton as a first class passenger, he died in the sinking. When damages were claimed White Star refused to admit that he had been onboard. After five years, following assurances from Mauritz Håkan Björnstrom-Steffanson to the Notarius Publicus in New York that Lingrey and Lind was the same person, the damage claims were finally paid.

Steffanson related that when he had jumped from the ship Lind had done the same, but Björnström had the fortune to land in collapible D, while Lind disappeared. His body was never found.



Leif Snellman, Finland
Claes-Göran Wetterholm, Sweden

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