Mrs Helena Wilhelmina Rosblom

Mrs Viktor Rosblom (Helena Wilhelmina), 41, lived in Kolla, Rauma, on the West coast of Finland. She left her home on 23 March on a journey to Astoria, Oregon to join her husband. Travelling with her were her husband's eldest son Viktor and her daughter Salli. Another child Eino (10) had resolutely refused to "go with them to drown" and had to be left in Rauma. When they reached Southampton, Salli got ill and they had to postpone the trip and they finally booked on the Titanic, information that did not reach the husband until a fortnight later. When they did not reach Astoria he started to make investigations and eventually found out they had died. On 8 June the son in Rauma was informed by telegram. 100 in compensation was later paid to the husband. The bodies of Helena and her children were never found.

Claes-Gran Wetterholm (1988, 1996) Titanic, Rabn, Stockholm.

Leif Snellman, Helsinki, Finland

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