Mr Johan Hansen Nysveen

Johan H. Nysveen, 61, was a farmer from Strøm in Øyer, Norway. He had four children from his first marriage: Arnt, Elias, henry and Marie all of whom were grown-up and living in the USA. His first wife was dead.

Johan Nysveen was a U.S. citizen; after 27 years in North Dakota he returned to Norway where he married Pauline Regnstad. On 12 July 1911 she gave birth to twins, Jan. & Paul.

Nysveen was traveling from Øyer to Trail County, Grand Forks, North Dakota to wind up his business there and to give away his half of the farm to his son. He was not originally intending to travel on the Titanic and his wife did not know what had become of him until the final lists were produced some weeks after the catastrophe. By then his name had been distorted to Nyoven.

His widow had no income and insurance so life was hard for her after his death. The Mansion House Fund paid 2180.40 NKr (£120) on 17 January 1913. 2205 NKr ($625.75) damage claims were paid on 26 April 1916, and she received further payments of 607.50 NKr ($168.25) in 1917 and 25.41 NKr ($6.84) on 31 December 1927.

Johan's body was never found.



Leif Snellman, Finland
Claes-Göran Wetterholm, Sweden

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