Mr Johannes Halvorsen Kalvik

Johannes Kalvik  Kalvik and fiancè  Kalvik parents
Left: Johannes Kalvik (1912).
Middle: Johannes Kalvik with his fiancè Anne Berta Austarheim (1912).
Right: His parents Halvard Gotskalkson Halleland and Severine Nilsdotter Kalvik.
© Nils Halleland

Mr Johannes Halvorsen Kalvik (or Kalvig), 21, was born on December 2, 1890, the son of Halvard Gotskalkson Halleland, (1841-1918) and Severine Nilsdotter Kalvik (1841-1911). He spent the first years of his life at their farm alongside the Akrafjorden on the Westcoast of Norway. Johannes had two brothers, Nils and Gotskalk, and two sisters Marta and Anna.

In 1910 Johannes and his brother Nils built a house together in the valley (the house remains in the family). Gotskalk had moved to Montana a few years earlier but died shortly after his arrival there.

Kalvik house
Nils Kalvik, his pregant wife and children and their house under construction (1910)
(full size )
© Nils Halleland

Nils was oldest of the brothers and he had a family established as well as business as a carpenter and construction worker. He was also a teacher for a while. Johannes worked with him in the business earning about £35 a year (600 kroners), but the chance to move to America, and maybe his mothers death the year before spured him to use what little money he had on a ticket for Titanic bound, eventually for Iowa.

Shortly before his departure he had photographs taken of himself and his fiancè Anne Berta Austarheim (b.1892) whom he was leaving behind until he was settled in America.

Johannes went by boat from Haugesund to Newcastle, and from there by train to Southampton where he boarded the new liner. He died in the sinking.

Nils Halleland (Grandson of Nils Kalvik)
Per Kristian Sebak, Norway

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