Mr Nils Hilding Jönsson

Mr Nils Hilding Jönsson, 27, was born on 5 February 1885 the son of Nils Jönsson and Olivia Kristina Carlsdotter from Tågarp #6, Vinberg parish, Falkenberg, Halland, Sweden. He had four sisters and a brother.

Nils was not married and had no children. According to Church books Nils Hilding Jönsson was a former leaseholder (of a farm). He asked for emigration 22 March 1912 and travelled with Carl Robert Carlsson from Vessingebo outside Falkeberg for an unknown destination, possibly to the brother, who had emigrated in 1907. They travelled via Copenhagen and boarded the Titanic at Southampton as third class passengers.

Both men died in the sinking, their bodies were never recovered.

When the parents later asked for money from the fund, the "Halland County Sheriff" wrote that they weren't in need of any aid. They then probably wrote a letter straight to the Fund in London and got paid anyway, but the low sum of damage claims paid can be explained by the authorities' earlier actions. Mansion House Fund paid 874.08 Kr (£48) to father on 23 January 1913. 455.50 Kr (£25) damage claims were paid to the father on 3 June 1914.

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Leif Snellman, Finland


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