Mr Pekka Pietari Hakkarainen

Mr Pekka Pietari Hakkarainen, 28, from Helsinki, Finland was travelling to Monessen, PA with his wife Elin Hakkarainen. They had been married for three months but the trip to America was planned long before that. They had meant to travel on the Mauretania, but changed their mind and boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

On the night of April 14th 1912, the couple had just returned to their cabin, when they felt a strong vibration, hearing a scratching noise. Pekka jumped up from his bed, saying: "I'll go out and see, what's going on." Elin took little notice and fell asleep again. Pekka, still hadn't returned an hour later and Erin made her way to the boat deck where she was put into lifeboat 15, she never saw him again.

Pekka's body was never found, Elin later received £50 in compensation.

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