Robert Millar

Mr Robert Millar

Born at Alloa, Clackmannanshire, on July 7th, 1885. He received his education at the Burgh and Sunnyside Public Schools under Mr. John Ferguson. On leaving school he was apprenticed to Messrs. Archibald Jeffrey & Sons of Alloa, marine engineers etc., where he obtained an excellent knowledge of engineering. During his apprenticeship he attended science and art classes, succeeding in taking many prizes. In 1905 he left Messrs. Jeffery with a special recommendation as a turner and went to the Argyll Motor Works, Alexandria, N.B. His next post was on the Tyne with the Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Co. Ltd., where he remained until 1907. He then went to sea in the S.S. Johannesburg , belonging to the Bucknall Steamship Lines, Ltd., and served in that vessel as fifth, fourth, and third engineer. In 1908 he obtained his second engineer's certificate, and served in the same Company's vessel Katuna in that capacity. He obtained his chief's certificate in 1909. His connection with the White Star Line commenced in 1910, when he joined the Olympic as sixth engineer and was on board when she was rammed by the Hawke . He joined the Titanic as fifth engineer at Belfast on 26th March. Mr. Millar, who led an exemplary life, was very desirous of obtaining his extra chief's certificate and becoming a Board of Trade surveyor.

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