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Mother of Children Who Fell to Death Here Sues in Paris
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PARIS, Nov. 27---Mrs. Barbara Guggenheim Waldman, whose two children were killed in a thirteen-story fall from the roof of the Hotel Surrey in New York in October, 1928, filed a divorce suit in the French courts today. Both she and her husband, Milton Sylvester Waldman, have established a residence in Paris.

Mr. Waldman, who is at present in London, has refused all along to discuss the proceedings, which he admitted are under way. It is recalled that the death of the children was held to have been accidental.
Mrs. Waldman is a daughter of the late Benjamin Guggenheim, the copper magnate, who was lost in the Titanic disaster. On June 2, 1921, she was married to Sigmund Marshall Kempner of New York, and a year later they were divorced in Paris. In January, 1923, she was married to Milton S. Waldman, a former New York newspaper man and a graduate of Yale. He took up literary work and in 1925 wrote, among other things, a historical review entitled “Americana.” Mrs. Waldman formerly was a student at New York University and the Sorbonne in Paris.

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