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The following people were born
STENGEL, Mr Charles Emil Henry — 19th November 1857
SPEDDEN, Mrs Margaretta Corning — 19th November 1872
BEANE, Mr Edward — 19th November 1879
PETTERSSON, Mr Johan Emil — 19th November 1886
DANIELS, Mr Sidney Edward — 19th November 1893

The following people died
THORNE, Miss Gertrude Maybelle — 19th November 1947
LINDSAY, Mr William Charles — 19th November 1960
ÖHMAN, Miss Velin Matilda — 19th November 1966
These items were published
The Times (1888) Life-Saving Appliances Committee, 1888
New York Times (1943) ROBERT J. HOPKINS
Voyage (2011) We have no look-out glasses in the crow's nest.
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