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Reginald Hale
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The second class passenger had returned home to England to comfort with his recently widowed mother. He was lost on the Titanic on his return home, his body recovered and buried at sea.



What did stewardesses do?
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The Violet Jessup story made me think of a question: what did stewardesses do? Were they like ladies' maids for those who didn't have a personal maid, or more like a hotel maid , who don't usually serve guests with personal tasks? - Ann Nottingham


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Titanic Survivors at ASFS Institute 1912
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Bertha Moran
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Bertha and her brother Daniel had returned to Ireland to settle affairs and bring back an inheritance after the death of their father...


Shipwrecked Again!

Samuel Goldenberg
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On 26 May 1910, the French liner Pas-de-Calais steamed out of Calais harbour, where Samuel Goldenberg lived and worked, and rammed the Pluviôse a submarine that was just about to emerge, killing 27 submariners. Goldenberg was a passenger on board the Pas-de-Calais, when the disaster occurred. The sinking of the Pluviôse was felt as a national loss in France. It was some weeks before the submarine was raised and the bodies recovered.

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Titanic as Museum Ship

If the Titanic was found to be in one piece and in good condition as it was originally thought to be before the wreck was discovered in 1985, do you think it would've been raised by now and became a museum ship like the Queen Mary? If so, what port do you think it would most likely be docked in? - Dan Kappess

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Did a coal bunker fire contribute to the diaster?
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One of the popular topics for discussion is whether a fire in a coal bunker led to a weakening of the bulkhead, and if this contributed to the sinking...

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Allen Mardon Baggott
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Steward Allen Baggott survived the Titanic in lifeboat 9 and returned to work at sea, but in later years he suffered badly with alcoholism and died aged only 36.

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The following people were born
POTTER, Mrs Lily Alexenia — 15th August 1855
HUMPHREYS, Mr Sidney — 15th August 1859
KEARL, Mr George Edward — 15th August 1886
PEDRINI, Sig. Alessandro — 15th August 1890
PROUDFOOT, Mr Richard Royston — 15th August 1890
PEROTTI, Sig. Alfonso — 15th August 1891

The following people died
SANDSTRÖM, Miss Marguerite Rut — 15th August 1963
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