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Frank Osman in the 1930s
Newsfeed Image
Photograph of Titanic survivor Frank Osman in later life,


Annie May Stengel
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The stress of the disaster written on her face, an exhausted Annie Stengel steps off the Carpathia in New York, after her rescue from the Titanic disaster.


William Thomas Bott : Titanic Victim
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Biography of William Thomas Bott : Titanic Victim

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The following people were born
HARRIS, Mr Henry Burkhardt — 1st December 1866
HOPKINS, Mr Robert John — 1st December 1868
FRAUENTHAL, Mrs Clara — 1st December 1869
PANULA, Mrs Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar — 1st December 1870
REEVES, Mr David — 1st December 1875
TAYLOR, Mr William Henry — 1st December 1883
PITFIELD, Mr William James — 1st December 1886
LEADER, Mr Archibald — 1st December 1889

The following people died
HARDER, Mrs Dorothy — 1st December 1926
WILSON, Miss Helen Alice — 1st December 1939
JOHANNESEN, Mr Bernt Johannes — 1st December 1962
SANDSTRÖM, Mrs Agnes Charlotta — 1st December 1985
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