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Titanic Survivors at ASFS Institute 1912
Brad Payne > Northwest Titanic Enthusiasts Society


Wireless Signal Quality
I wonder if any of radio operators complained about any problems with the signals on the night of the disaster? I know that Titanic had some difficulties in hearing the communications from Carpathia, but it was apparently due to the noise from the escaping steam. Was there anything else?


Edward John Willey
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Edward John Willey from Ystradyfodwg, Wales was planning to make his home at a Shaker community in Schenectady, New York when he sailed on the Titanic.



The Iceberg that saank the Titanic?
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A rare photograph of a prime candidate for the iceberg that sank the Titanic



Bertha Moran
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Bertha and her brother Daniel had returned to Ireland to settle affairs and bring back an inheritance after the death of their father...



Book about Jack Phillips

Did any of you read the book "The Man Who Sent The SOS" ? If so,what do you believe? Read more... - Mimi


Julia Florence Cavendish
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The daughter of diminutive department store king Henry Siegel, Julia Cavendish married into British aristocracy and moved to Crakemarsh Hall in England - She travelled with her husband Tyrell and survived but was widowed and never remarried.

Read about Julia Cavendish


What did stewardesses do?
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The Violet Jessup story made me think of a question: what did stewardesses do? Were they like ladies' maids for those who didn't have a personal maid, or more like a hotel maid , who don't usually serve guests with personal tasks? - Ann Nottingham

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The following people were born
BOCHET, Mr Pietro Giuseppe — 29th September 1868
CARLSSON, Mr Frans Olof — 29th September 1878
CLENCH, Mr Frederick Charles — 29th September 1878
KARLSSON, Mr Julius Konrad Eugen — 29th September 1878
ABĪ-AL-MUNÀ, Mr Nāsīf Qāsim — 29th September 1884
HOSGOOD, Mr Richard William — 29th September 1889
BUCKLEY, Mr Daniel — 29th September 1890
TOMLIN, Mr Ernest Portage — 29th September 1890

The following people died
MURPHY, Miss Margaret — 29th September 1957
RIORDAN, Miss Hannah — 29th September 1982
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