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Marie Grice Young in 1955
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Titanic survivor Marie Grice Young in 1955 holding a copy of National Magazine.


Mrs Lucy Reynolds, RMS Carpathia Passenger
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Ramon Artagaveytia : Titanic Victim
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Biography of wealthy Uruguayan farmer Ramon Artagaveytia who had already survived a previous shipwreck before boarding the Titanic...
Video: The Mackay Bennett arriving in Halifax
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A short film of the MacKay Bennett Returning to Halifax with the recovered bodies of Titanic victims


Samuel McGaw : Titanic Delivery Crew
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Biography of Samuel McGaw : Titanic Delivery Crew


Robert John Hopkins : Titanic Survivor
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Robert John Hopkins was serving aboard the Titanic a few weeks after the tragedy of his wife's suicide...


William Frederick Goodwin : Titanic Victim
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Biography of William Frederick Goodwin : Titanic Victim
Edith Rosenbaum's Lucky Pig - COPY
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On this Day...

The following people were born
MILLING, Mr Jacob Christian — 25th October 1863
BIÉTRIX, Mr George Baptiste — 25th October 1883
AL-ZA'INNĪ, Mr Fahīm Rūḥānā — 25th October 1886
BRAILEY, Mr William Theodore Ronald — 25th October 1887

The following people died
BITTLE, Mr Robert — 25th October 1922
SERREPLAÀ, Miss Augusta Jeanne — 25th October 1928
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