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Ernst Heribert Björklund : Titanic Victim
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Ernst Björklund was on his way from Stockholm, Sweden to relatives in New York City.
Memorial to Reginald Lomond Barker
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Reginald Lomond Barker is remembered on a brass plaque in Holy Trinity church Millbrook, Southampton, England.
Titanic Lookout man dead
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A link with the Titanic disaster has been broken with the death, at the Sailors’ Home, Southampton, of Reginald Robinson Lee...

On this Day...

The following people were born
FUNK, Miss Annie Clemmer — 12th April 1874
KETCHLEY, Mr Henry — 12th April 1876

The following people died
HEMMING, Mr Samuel Ernest — 12th April 1928
DORKINGS, Mr Edward Arthur — 12th April 1954
HIRVONEN, Miss Hildur Elisabeth — 12th April 1956
KARLSSON, Mr Einar Gervasius — 12th April 1958
SLAYTER, Miss Hilda Mary — 12th April 1965
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