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Annie May Stengel
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The stress of the disaster written on her face, an exhausted Annie Stengel steps off the Carpathia in New York, after her rescue from the Titanic disaster.

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Mahala Douglas
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Mahala Douglas was returning on the Titanic with her wealthy second husband Walter following three-month tour of Europe to find furnishings for their palatial retreat Walden, at Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis.

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Can we believe Molly Brown?
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There is little-to-no corroborating evidence of anything Margaret Brown claimed. She is the star of her own accounts, yet largely absent from others'. Either her fellow passengers were poor observers and missed the grand one woman drama or she was fabricating in particularly histrionic manner.... Jim Kalafus

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Photo of Survivor Richard Pfropper
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Titanic survivor Richard Pfropper and his thumbprint in a 1929 seaman's registration document.



Born on Christmas day...
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Titanic survivor Noëlle, Countess of Rothes, was born on Christmas Day 1878. Lady Rothes was known for her philanthropy and championship of important causes before and after the Titanic disaster. Her rescue was reported in London's The Sketch (24 April 1912), accompanied by this c. 1904 photo of the countess that's become familiar to many since its appearance in A Night to Remember by Walter Lord. - Randy Bryan Bigham

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Titanic Art
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Marek Salay posts examples of his impressive Titanic-related art in our Facebook group.

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Titanic sinks in real-time
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"Brutal" or "boring"? You can watch a real-time animation of the Titanic sinking.

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Did a coal bunker fire contribute to the diaster?
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One of the popular topics for discussion is whether a fire in a coal bunker led to a weakening of the bulkhead, and if this contributed to the sinking...

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Titanic photo mystery
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The identity of the passenger photographed by Fr Browne standing by the first-class gymnasium is often given as Jacques Futrelle, but comparison with images of Percival White may suggest otherwise.

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Plaque to Steward Gunn
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A plaque in memory of 2nd class steward Joseph Gunn, sited near Hatfield Station. - Photo: Trevor baxter

On this Day...

The following people were born
JUSSILA, Mr Eiriik — 2nd April 1880

The following people died
MARTIN, Miss Mabel Elvina — 2nd April 1960
BURKE, Mr William — 2nd April 1961
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