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Titanic Art
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Marek Salay posts examples of his impressive Titanic-related art in our Facebook group.

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Titanic as Museum Ship

If the Titanic was found to be in one piece and in good condition as it was originally thought to be before the wreck was discovered in 1985, do you think it would've been raised by now and became a museum ship like the Queen Mary? If so, what port do you think it would most likely be docked in? - Dan Kappess

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Jean Hippach
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Jean travelled on the Titanic with her mother Ida... no stranger to tragedy, in 1903 she had lost two brothers in the fire that engulfed Chicago's Iroquois Theatre.

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Kale Walsh
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One of only three female crew members to be lost in the sinking. Kate was married but signed-on with her maiden name and knocked a few years off her age...

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Edward John Willey
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Edward John Willey from Ystradyfodwg, Wales was planning to make his home at a Shaker community in Schenectady, New York when he sailed on the Titanic.



Bertha Moran
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Bertha and her brother Daniel had returned to Ireland to settle affairs and bring back an inheritance after the death of their father...



Can we believe Molly Brown?
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There is little-to-no corroborating evidence of anything Margaret Brown claimed. She is the star of her own accounts, yet largely absent from others'. Either her fellow passengers were poor observers and missed the grand one woman drama or she was fabricating in particularly histrionic manner.... Jim Kalafus

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Shipyard that built Titanic may close forever

Harland & Wolff, the shipyard that built the Titanic has seen its workforce fall from 20,000 to just 200 and last built a ship in 2002, now it faces closure.
Harland and Wolff workers 'buoyant' over shipyard's future - BBC News
Building RMS Titanic: exploring Belfast's "world-leading" shipbuilding heritage - History Extra

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The following people were born
ARTAGAVEYTIA, Mr Ramon — 14th July 1840
GOODWIN, Mrs Augusta — 14th July 1868
SÆTHER, Mr Simon Sivertsen — 14th July 1868
LEFEBVRE, Master Henry — 14th July 1906
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