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Book about Jack Phillips

Did any of you read the book "The Man Who Sent The SOS" ? If so,what do you believe? Read more... - Mimi


Benjamin Laventall Forman
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Benjamin Forman had been in Europe on business and was now returning to New York, but lost his life in the sinking.



Jean Hippach
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Jean travelled on the Titanic with her mother Ida... no stranger to tragedy, in 1903 she had lost two brothers in the fire that engulfed Chicago's Iroquois Theatre.

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Shipwrecked Again!

Samuel Goldenberg
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On 26 May 1910, the French liner Pas-de-Calais steamed out of Calais harbour, where Samuel Goldenberg lived and worked, and rammed the Pluviôse a submarine that was just about to emerge, killing 27 submariners. Goldenberg was a passenger on board the Pas-de-Calais, when the disaster occurred. The sinking of the Pluviôse was felt as a national loss in France. It was some weeks before the submarine was raised and the bodies recovered.

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Titanic photo mystery
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The identity of the passenger photographed by Fr Browne standing by the first-class gymnasium is often given as Jacques Futrelle, but comparison with images of Percival White may suggest otherwise.

What do you think?


Bertha Moran
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Bertha and her brother Daniel had returned to Ireland to settle affairs and bring back an inheritance after the death of their father...



Did a coal bunker fire contribute to the diaster?
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One of the popular topics for discussion is whether a fire in a coal bunker led to a weakening of the bulkhead, and if this contributed to the sinking...

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Annie May Stengel
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The stress of the disaster written on her face, an exhausted Annie Stengel steps off the Carpathia in New York, after her rescue from the Titanic disaster.

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The following people were born
BUTT, Major Archibald Willingham — 26th September 1865
CUMINGS, Mr John Bradley — 26th September 1872
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