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Julia Florence Cavendish
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The daughter of diminutive department store king Henry Siegel, Julia Cavendish married into British aristocracy and moved to Crakemarsh Hall in England - She travelled with her husband Tyrell and survived but was widowed and never remarried.

Portrait of Jacques Futrelle
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Lucile Carter
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Lucile Carter was born into wealth and privilege and married mining tycoon William Ernest Carter in 1896, but that did not prevent her becoming the victim of severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her husband as well as, allegedly, abandonment by him as the Titanic went down...

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The following people were born
ANDERSSON, Mr Anders Johan — 21st January 1873
HUNT, Mr George Henry — 21st January 1878
ARONSSON, Mr Ernst Axel Algot — 21st January 1887

The following people died
RYERSON, Master John Borie — 21st January 1986
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