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The following people were born
BRISTOW, Mr Harry — 26th April 1873
MORROW, Mr Thomas Rowan — 26th April 1880
SPINNER, Mr Henry John — 26th April 1880
BRADLEY, Mr Thomas Henry — 26th April 1883
FITZPATRICK, Mr Cecil William — 26th April 1890

The following people died
PHILLIMORE, Mr Harold Charles William — 26th April 1967
GRAHAM, Miss Margaret Edith — 26th April 1976
These items were published
All'erta! (1912) Una vittima di Montalto nel naufragio del «Titanic»
Anaconda Standard (1912) Four Butte Bulgarians who sank with the giant ship
Asbury Park Evening Press (1912) MRS. GWINN IS NOT AT POINT OF DEATH
Atlanta Constitution (1912) Mrs. May Futrelle's account
Belfast Newsletter (1912) Belfast Fireman's Fortunate Escape
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