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Local steamship men do not believe that the Captain Smith, hero of the
Titanic disaster mentioned in the cables is Capt. Harry Smith, known here.
Word has been received from the former Doric commander within the past month
and in the letters he made no mention of any possibility of his succeeding
to the command of the Titanic.

When the first news came that the skipper of the ill-fated White Star liner
Titanic was named Smith, there was considerable speculation here as to
whether it might be the Capt. Harry Smith well known in Honolulu, who left
the Doric when she was made the Asia and went back to the Atlantic in the
service of his company.

For some time he was on one of the regular steamers in the north Atlantic
and then was on the Arabic, as commander during one or more of the Clark
Cruises to the Mediterranean. In January of the present year he was in
command of the Megantic of the White Star fleet running to Montreal. This
last information was contained in a postal received by F. W. Kiebahn of this
city a few weeks ago.

There is another Smith in the White Star service, Capt. Harry B. [sic]
Smith, who is supposed to be the man who went down with the Titanic after
urging his crew to remember that they were British and supposed to face
death unflinchingly.

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Original article digitized by the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Retrieved from the Library of Congress' Chronicling America web site,


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