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Third Widow, Due to Titanic Wreck, Becomes a Mother

The Washington Herald

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Memories of the sinking of the ill-fated Titanic were recalled to the minds
of a number of Washingtonians last night, when word was received here from
Cincinnati of the birth of a baby boy to Mrs Lucien D Smith, daughter of
Representative James A. Hughes of West Virginia, and whose husband gave up
his life to save her.

When the first news of the disaster reached this city Representative Hughes,
knowing.his daughter to be a passenger on the ill-fated vessel, and frantic
with fear, wired the White Star officials for information. He received in
reply a telegram which afterward aroused world-wide indignation and played
an important part in the Senatorial Investigation of the wreck.

The telegram he received in reply was as follows:

"Titanic proceeding to Halifax, passengers will probably be landed there
Wednesday. All safe."

The message was sent from the White Star's New York offices, and at the
investigation it was claimed that the company had definite knowledge at the
time the telegram was sent of the full particulars of the wtrck, and that
they were withholding news of the disaster from the public.

Mrs. Smith is the third widow of the catastrophe to give birth to a child.
Mrs.John Jacob Astor, of New York, was the first, and Mrs. George T.
Widener, of Philadelphia, the second.


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