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1911 Census - Allison Family

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In the 1911 Canadian census, The Allison family are living at 464 Roslyn Avenue in Westmount, Quebec.
Hudson's occupation is listed as "financial broker". He worked 40 hours a week and had life insurance at the time of the census.

Bessie, Loraine and Trevor, who was just five and a half weeks old at the time of the census are also listed. 

Living with the Allisons were three servants, Catherine Sinclair a 22 year old Scottish lady, whose occupation is listed as a domestic. Also Edith and Alfred Creasy. Edith was also a domestic, she was 35 years old. Her husband Alfred, 34, was a coachman.


Mary Mason

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  1. naninanina said:

    My name is Dianne Elizabeth Allison and I found out today that I was related to this family

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