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Husband's Mother, Who Also Is There, Likes Her Son's American Wife
By The Associated Press
ROME, Feb. 24---The two Mrs. Fiermontes, one American and one Italian, met for the first time today and sat right down to talk about a subject dear to their hearts---the handsome Enzo Fiermonte, divorced husband of the Italian Mrs. Fiermonte.

Mrs. Madeleine Force Astor Dick Fiermonte, a member of one of America's wealthiest families, now the second wife of the former pugilist, was entertaining at tea in her luxurious hotel suite.

The guests, in fact, were two other Mrs. Fiermontes, one of them Mr. Fiermonte's mother and the other the fighter's sturdy, black-haired first wife, Signora Tosca Fiermonte, who comes from Italian peasant stock.

"My son's wife is a dear," said Mr. Fiermonte's white-haired mother after returning to her humble apartment in a congested quarter. "She's older than Enzo, but together they seem like two young people of the same age in love with each other."

The mother said Enzo Fiermonte and Mrs. Astor Fiermonte and the lawyer whom Mrs. Fiermonte retained in Naples a week or two ago, had discussed a further financial settlement on Mrs. Tosca Fiermonte and her baby son, Giovanni.

They tentatively agreed, she said, on $10,000 at the time of the divorce (which Mr. Fiermonte obtained in America) and 500 lire a month. He has been providing for the child all that has been necessary for the present, it is said.

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