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Two Roosevelt Children Also Benefit by J. K. Gracie's Will
MINEOLA, L. I., June 1---The report of Charles F. Lewis, who was appointed to appraise the personal estate in New York of James King Gracie, who was an uncle of President Theodore Roosevelt and who died in New York City on Nov. 23, 1903, has been filed. The will benefits the President and his family to the extent of $36,000. Mr. Lewis appraised the estate at $440,672.15.

There was no real property in New York. Furniture and heirlooms to the value of $7,984 were divided among the various beneficiaries under the will. Then, in accordance with the terms of the will, the following division is made:

President Theodore Roosevelt, his nephew, $27,239; Eleanor Gracie, $10,651; Gracie Hall Roosevelt, a grandnephew, $10,911; Kermit Roosevelt, son of the President and grandnephew of the testator, $4,539.96; Ethel Roosevelt, daughter of the President and grandniece of the testator, $4,539.96; Margaret Higginson, sister, $240; Archibald Gracie, a nephew, $31,668; Archibald Gracie Ogden, a nephew, $50,325; Corinne D. Robinson, a niece, $200; Elizabeth Gracie Ogden, a niece, $50,631; Esther Gracie Ogden, a niece, $50,651; Adelaide Gracie, a niece, $35,325; Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, $27,879; Annie Roosevelt Cowles, a niece, $27,239; Theodore D. Robinson, a grandnephew, $13,819.86; Monroe D. Robinson, a grandnephew, $4,539.96; Stewart D. Robinson, $4,539.96; Ella Bulloch, a sister-in-law, $4,577; Martha L. Bulloch, a niece, $6,197; Maud Elliot, a niece, $2,900; Douglas Robinson and J. J. Higginson, as trustees and executors, to divide $35,739; New York Orthopaedic Dispensary and Hospital, $27,239.73.

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