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Mrs. Rice, Professor and Mrs. Strong Return---Others in Expedition Go On
Hope to Explore Regions in Brazil Never Before Traversed by White Men
Among the passengers who arrived yesterday from Brazil on the steamship Pancras of the Booth Line were three members of the Alexander Hamilton Rice expedition for the study of tropical diseases in the interior of South America. They were Mrs. Rice, Dr. Richard Strong, Professor of Tropical Diseases at the Harvard University Medical School, and Mrs. Strong.

The expedition left New York on March 29 last with a hydroplane in charge of Walter Hinton and a $12,000 radio outfit in charge of J. W. Swenson. After Mrs. Rice and Dr. and Mrs. Strong left the party at Manaos, Dr. Rice and his companions were to proceed 200 miles up the Rio Negro to the junction with the Rio Brancho, where the radio station was to be established. The hydroplane and a supply of bombs were taken to be used in scaring the cannibal Indians of that district in case they proved troublesome.

Mrs. Rice said that she did not wish to talk about the expedition, as that was the province of her husband, and he would not return until the end of January next. She will leave New York that month to join him at Manaos, which is 1,200 miles up the Amazon.

The party was cut off from communication with the outside world for six weeks through the revolution, Dr. Strong said, but they were never lost. They could hear the firing of guns in the distance, he said, and once a rebel leader came and wanted to commandeer the hydroplane belonging to the expedition, but when it was explained that they were Americans he went away.

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