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Bruce Ismay, Bourke Cockran, and R. W. Perks Among the Passengers
QUEENSTOWN, May 9---The White Star Line steamer Adriatic, which left Liverpool yesterday on her maiden voyage sailed from here to-day for New York with nearly 3,000 person [sic] on board. Every berth was occupied and a number of steerage passengers who were waiting here to embark on the new steamer were shut out. Among the passengers are J. Bruce Ismay, President of the International Mercantile Marine Company, Congressman W. Bourke Cockran, and Robert W. Perks, M. P., a prominent English Methodist. Mr. Perks is going to the United States to discuss with the Methodists of America and Canada the project for the establishment of a worldwide Methodist Brotherhood for the promotion of emigration, employment, savings banks, and old-age pensions among Methodists.

[Note: Although not stated in this article, Adriatic's commander was E.J. Smith.]

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