Parke-Bernet Begins Selling Items of Spedden Estate


In the first sale of the new sea­son at the Parke-Bernet Galleries, 984 Madison Avenue, a set of four carved and bilded [soc] chairs in the style of Louis XVI was sold yes­terday for $340 to Charles Gutradt, a New York dealer.

The sale, of English and French furniture and decorations from the estate of the late Margaretta C. Spedden of Tuxedo Park, N, Y., and others, has completed two ses­sions and will end with a final one this afternoon. The receipts so far are $28,132.

Other items auctioned were a Chinese carpet with a floral design on a yellow field that brought $460 from an agent and a Louis XIV wall mirror, decorated with brown lacquer, gold and mother-of-pearl, that went for $220 to Bruce Butt­field, Inc.

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