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"B. B. H." writes:---

As secretary for 13 years to a charitable fund for young people of which
Mr. Ismay was chairman, I know something of the loss which has befallen
us this week. One could not have worked under a more kindly, generous,
or sympathetic man. He never looked on the beneficiaries as "cases," but
as individuals whose careers he followed with real interest genuinely
glad at their successes and deeply understanding of their mistakes. He
was quick to pick out essentials, invariably took the long view, and
when deciding grants always knew the value of just "the little more"
which made so much difference to the recipients. He was ever ready with
encouragement, ever patient over one's mistakes, and the work was always
seasoned with his shrewd sense of humour. I remember being a little
awe-inspired when I first saw him, for it was my first job and he seemed
rather big and I myself so insignificant, but by the end of the first
meeting I knew that there, too, was a bigness of heart and wideness of
sympathy, and that happy indeed my lot was going to be in working for
him. The sorrow at his passing must now be measured by the same measure
that meted out the happiness of those 13 years.

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