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What did stewardesses do?
The Violet Jessup story made me think of a question: what did stewardesses do? Were they like ladies' maids for those who didn't have a personal maid, or more like a hotel maid , who don't usually serve guests with personal tasks? - Ann Nottingham


Stop rockin the boat godammit
Titanic scene (2:26) from the movie The Unsinkable MollyBrown (1964). The real Mrs. Brown embarked at Cherbourg and was rescued in lifeboat #6.
Debbie Reynolds was nominated for an Oscar but lost to Julie Andrews for Mary Poppins. - Gregg Jasper


Reginald Hale
The second class passenger had returned home to England to comfort with his recently widowed mother. He was lost on the Titanic on his return home, his body recovered and buried at sea. Read more about Reginald Hale...


New expedition to wreck reveals deterioration
The first dive to the wreck of the Titanic in 15 years has revealed significant further deterioriation to the Titanic's hull. Among the discoveries being the loss of the Captain's bathtub...
Read more... - BBC


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Titanic Survivors at ASFS Institute 1912
Brad Payne > Northwest Titanic Enthusiasts Society


Shipyard that built Titanic may close forever
Harland & Wolff, the shipyard that built the Titanic has seen its workforce fall from 20,000 to just 200 and last built a ship in 2002, now it faces closure.
Harland and Wolff workers 'buoyant' over shipyard's future - BBC News
Building RMS Titanic: exploring Belfast's "world-leading" shipbuilding heritage - History Extra


Book about Jack Phillips
Did any of you read the book "The Man Who Sent The SOS" ? If so,what do you believe? Read more... - Mimi


Joseph Wheat
The story of Joseph Wheat who was active helping colleagues during the sinking and later helped fill and man one of the most crowded lifeboats to leave the Titanic...

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The following people were born
BIRNBAUM, Mr Jakob — 24th August 1887
PAIN, Dr Alfred — 24th August 1888
RICHARD, Mr Emile Phillippe — 24th August 1888
OREŠKOVIĆ, Miss Marija — 24th August 1892
RICE, Master Eric — 24th August 1905

The following people died
FLEMING, Miss Margaret — 24th August 1941
MCGOVERN, Miss Mary — 24th August 1957
WARE, Mrs Florence Louise — 24th August 1973
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