A Living Memory

New York Dramatic Mirror

A human little sketch from life is most capably suggested upon this film, bringing forth the underlying thought with a fine taste and delicacy in which the setting and mechanical effects, together with the expressive acting, have no small part. Mr. Francis and Miss Gibson present these leading roles with fine intelligence and discrimination. He is a bachelor of some years and has ever held the memory of his first love. At her death she sends him her daughter, who is her exact image. She brings both material and spiritual sunshine into the house. At length he, in trying to conquer his own growing love for the girl, remembering his age, brings in a young friend to distract her, but learns in the end that it is he only whom she loves.

A Living Memory (Drama)
Released: March 26, 1912

Produced by
Éclair American
Distributed by
Motion Picture Distribution and Sales Company

Directed by
Alec B. Francis

Alec B. Francis ……. John Ransome
Dorothy Gibson …… Her Memory
Julia Stuart …… A Trusted Servant
John G. Adolfi …… A Young Friend

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