Mrs. Wick's recollections

Daily Northwestern

William F. Bonnell, a cousin of the party, made the following statement as coming from Mrs. Wick:

"When the collision occurred, Mrs. Wick and her husband were In their Stateroom. They thought that a boiler, had exploded. When they reached the, deck, all was confusion, Miss Natalia and the Misses Bonnell were on deck. The four women entered the second life-boat let clown. Mrs Wick said the boat was not launched for an hour after the collision. Mr. Wick stood at the rail as his wife and daughter were helped into the boat and waved his hand as the party left the Titanic. The last seen of him was standing on the deck waving a farewell. Mrs. Wick said the party drifted about in the Intense cold for five hours before they were picked up. I want to say that Mrs. Wick told me that If the lifeboats had been launched as soon as the captain knew the extent of the damage, every one would have been saved."

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