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A Special sitting of the Southampton Borough Police Court was held on Saturday for the purpose of continuing the hearing of a charge of murder against George Frederick McGough, a sailor on the British ship Rustington, who was accused of causing the death of John Dwyer, a fireman on the same ship, by throwing him over the coamings of the hatchway whilst the ship was lying in Santos Harbour in March last.  The magistrates on the Bench were Messrs. G. P. Perkins (chair), R. Chipperfield, and C. G. Thomas.  Mr. W. Coxwell again represented the Public Prosecutor, and the evidence called was corroborative of that given yesterday.  All the witnesses stated that prisoner was the worse for drink at the time of the occurrence, and seemed determined to pick a quarrel with someone. - Prisoner, who reserved his defence, was formally committed for trial at the Assizes.

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