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A Survivor from Sains-Bouvigny

Le Grand Echo du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais

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A young lady from Sains-Bouvigny among passengers – She is safe and sound

A few months ago, a young lady from Sains-Bouvigny, Melle Leroy, left her home here and was hired by rich Americans as a maid.
After a short time in Paris, Melle Leroy and her employers boarded the Titanic, bound to America.

When tidings of the terrible disaster reached the world, Mr. Leroy, who runs a shop near the Sains-Bouvigny train stop, asked for news from his poor sister.

A cable from New-York, received on Saturday morning in Sains, brought back joy in a family who already thought the young maid as missing.

Indeed, the cable states that Melle Leroy is safe and sound and that she is among the survivors that the Carpathia brought back in New-York.



Also published in L’Echo du Nord, Tuesday, April 23rd, 1912.

The French word “rescapé” (survivor), was first used by miners from the North of France, who, in their gibberish, were asking if their colleagues from the Courrières coalmine had « récapé » (escaped) from the firedamp explosion that blasted down the mine and killed 1101 colliers out of the 1115. The blast took place on March 10th, 1906. The sinking of the Titanic saw the word appear in the French vocabulary for the second time. The word was so rare in French in 1912 that in the article here reproduced it is in fact spelt “descap锅]

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