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A survivor from the 'Titanic' in Jersey

Jersey Morning News

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Philip Vigott

To meet and speak to one of the five hundred odd survivors of the "Titanic" disaster is something of an experience, and yesterday, when Mr. Philip Viggott, who was an A.B. on the ill-fated leviathan, paid a visit to our offices, we could not help feeling that we were talking to someone who has gone through an experience which has rivetted the attention of the who civilised world.

Mr. Viggott, whose name was wrongly spelt in the list of survivors, and whose portrait we reproduce, informed us he is now living at Southampton, and is on a brief visit to a sister in Jersey.

He, with two other seamen, was placed in charge of lifeboat No. 13 on the ill-fated night, and crossed over to England on the "Lapland." He leaves the island on Wednesday morning, and will later appear as a witness at the inquiry now proceeding in London.

Under the circumstances, Mr. Viggott would be reticent concerning his share in helping to rescue the passenger, but we could not help noting that he gives a close observer unmistakable evidences of having gone through a remarkable experience.

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