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A Titanic who was who?

People that boarded Titanic under assumed names


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A Titanic who was who?

The stories of several Titanic passengers and crew who travelled under an assumed name.



August Edvard Andersson (sailed as August Wennerström)
August Andersson was a Swedish journalist who was emigrating to America ostensibly to escape the adverse consequences of his outspoken socialist political writings. To conceal his identity he adapted the last name of his friend Ivar Vennerström.

George Andrew Brereton (travelled as George Arthur Brayton)
One of the professional gamblers who routinely travelled under pseudonyms.

Erik Gustaf Lind (sailed as Edward Lingrey)
Erik Lind (aka Åkerlind, Linderberg-Lind) boarded as Edward Lingrey to conceal his identity from a loan shark and his ex-wife...

Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon (boarded as Mr and Mrs Morgan)
Why two such relatively prominent individuals would seek to travel anonymously and expect to avoid being recognised is open to question.

Charles Richard Fardon (boarded as Charles Franklin)
Fardon was travelling to Canada and boarded under the pseudonym Charles Franklin, the reasons are unknown, but he had told his friends he intended to travel under this guise. It has been speculated that he had abandoned his blind wife...

Stephen Guest boarded under the name of Robert Guest, he had a brother of that name and it may be that he chose to assume his brother's identity thought the reasons are unknown.

Harry Homer (boarded as E. Haven)
One of the professional gamblers.

Simon Kutscher (boarded as Simon Lithman)

David Livshin (boarded as Abraham Harmer)
The reason David Livshin boarded under the name Abraham Harmer is unclear. It has been speculated that Abraham Harmer did exist and that Livshin bought the ticket from him.

Richard May (boarded as John Adams)
Richard May travelled under the name John Adams. The reason is not known but there is speculation that he was fleeing a failed relationship.

Berthe Antonine Mayné (boarded as Mme de Villiers)
Berthe Mayne was a Belgian cabaret performer. She was travelling with her lover Quigg Baxter; but in her own first-class stateroom, C-90, under the pseudonym. "Mrs de Villiers."

Mary Mullin (boarded as Mary Lennon)
Mary was running away with her sweetheart Denis Lennon. reportedly Mary's brother Joe, carrying a loaded firearm, pursued the couple all the way to Queenstown, but they arrived too late. The Titanic had already sailed.

Michel Navratil (Louis M. Hoffman)
Navratil was taking his two sons away from his estranged wife, he used the pseudonym of Louis M. Hoffman.

Henry Morley and Kate Phillips (Mr and Mrs Marshall)
Morley was a married businessman with one daughter. He was eloping with the 19-year-old Phillips, one of his employees.

Alfred Nourney (Baron von Drachstedt)
Nourney boarded the Titanic under the pseudonym Baron von Drachstedt; probably in an act of self-aggrandizement.

Charles Hallace Romaine (travelled as C. Rolmane)
One of the professional gamblers.

George Rosenshine (boarded as George Thorne)
Rosenshine was travelling with his mistress Maybelle Thorne and therefore adopted her surname for the crossing.

Andrew John Shannon (Lionel Leonard)
Shannon was one of several American Line crew forced to travel as passengers on account of the coal strike in 1912. His reasons for using the name Lionel Leonard are a mystery.

Elizabeth Anne Wilkinson (Mrs Faunthorpe)
Lizzie Wilkinson was a married woman travelling as the wife of another man, Harry Faunthorpe.


James Carter (signed on as W. Ball)
Mr James Carter, a fireman was reportedly born in Berkshire, England. Almost nothing else is known about him and the reason he signed onto the Titanic as W. Ball is unknown.

James Cooper
James Cooper signed on to the Titanic as a Trimmer but her never joined the ship, instead, his place was taken by his brother Frederick who tragically lost his life in the sinking.

Robert Barnhouse (boarded as Charles Barnes)
The crew member who signed on as Chas Barnes was probably a man named Robert Barnhouse. This identification stems from the fact that his father George Barnhouse succeeded in obtaining compensation for his son's death. If the story is true the reason he boarded under a different name remains a mystery.

Albert Briant (brother of Arthur, boarded as Michael Stafford)
Albert Briant habitually signed on to ships under the name Michael Stafford, the reason why is not known.

Arthur Briant (brother of Albert, boarded as A. Morris)
Arthur Briant signed on to the Titanic as A. Morris. He was the brother (possibly half-brother) of Albert Briant (aka Michael Stafford)

Charles Frederick Blades (signed on as F. Allen)
Blades mother was unmarried and he spent much of his childhood with his maternal grandmother and her second husband John Allen. Perhaps this explains why he tended to go by the name Frederick Allen.

Albert John Hogan (signed on as G. King)
Why Hogan used the name G. King is not currently known.

Thomas Benjamin Kirkaldy (signed on as T. Clark)
Kirkaldy routinely used this pseudonym when signing on to ships.

Henry Reginald Lee (boarded as Frank Martin)
Henry Lee's reasons for signing on as F. Martin are unknown.

John Brown Niven (boarded as J. McGregor)
J. McGregor was in fact John Brown Niven born about 1882 at 13 Ferrier Street, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thomas Henry Porteus (boarded as T. Parker)

William Henry Rattenbury (boarded as W. Henry)

Frederick Reeves (F. Smith)
Frederick Reeves boarded under the name F. Smith, the reason is not known, but Smith was his step-father's surname and Frederick had gone by that name previously in the 1911 census.

Philip Charles T. Rentowl (S. Sullivan)
Philip Rentowl's reasons for signing on as S. Sullivan are unknown.

Elizabeth Anne Grierson-Kerswell (née Franklin) boarded as Annie Robinson
Annie Robinson may have been a professional name, it is - so far - not established that Annie was ever married to a Mr Robinson.

Christopher Shulver (boarded as J. Dilley)
Shulver had a history of petty crime, and it is possible that his reason for signing on under the name J. Dilley is in some way connected.

George Taylor (boarded as James Taylor)
For some reason, George Taylor used his brother James' name when signing-on to the Titanic.

Harry Thorn (signed on as H. Johnson)

Albert White (Morrell)
Morrell was the name of White's mother's second husband whom she married when White was 10.

Rowland Winser (signed on as George Evans)
Winser's reasons for signing on as George Evans are unknown.

William Worthman (W. Jarvis)
Worthman's mother had remarried to a Thomas Jarvis in 1886 and it may be this connection that prompted him to use the pseudonym William Javis when he signed on to the Titanic.

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