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Actor Is Worried Over Fate of Man On Unfortunate Ship

Washington Times

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"Rene is safe; am uncertain about Harry; will wire you definite information as soon as received."

This is the only comforting word received by Frank McIntyre, now appearing at the National Theater in “Snobs” and his company, which is a Henry B. Harris production, since the Titanic crashed into a mountain of ice in midocean Sunday night, and sent herself to the bottom.

Closely associated with Mr. Harris for seven years, Mr. McIntyre, who is recognized as one of the best comedians on the stage today, is a changed man while off the stage.

"For seven years I have been closely associated with Mr. Harris," he said. “It is not from personal gratitude that I would praise him so highly. True it is that he made me what I am in the theatrical world today. ‘Mclntyre, do your work honestly and fairly, and I'll star you,’ he told me six years ago, and star me he did. But the high opinion which I held for Henry B. Harris is universally voiced by the entire theatrical world, and by every other class of persons who ever have been associated with him in any way.

"An honest man, a man of unusual foresight and mental ability, a man with the faculty of being able to make a success of a theatrical venture and at the same time retain the respect and confidence of every person with whom he was associated. Mr. Harris was a remarkable character. His loss would prove a blow to the profession in general."

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