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Adolphe Saalfeld post-disaster

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Saalfeld was in the First Class Smoking Room when the collision occurred; he was advised by a steward to go to the boat deck.
In his cabin he had left samples of perfume that he was taking to America, but managed to pocket a menu card.

Adolphe Saalfeld was haunted by the Titanic tragedy for the rest of his life. He gave up his Manchester based business (which eventually failed in the 1950s) and moved to Kew, South West London. He found great difficulty sleeping at night and would often ask his chauffeur to drive him round the area at night.

In 2000, Saalfeld's perfumes were found on the sea floor and plans are underway to manufacture and sell modern copies. Part of the sales of the perfume will fund a documentary on the life of Saalfeld, according to his living relatives in Canada.

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