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White Star Liner Stuck Fast Five Hours Till a Tug Hauled Her Off
The big White Star Line steamship Adriatic, incoming with many cabin
passengers, spent five hours early yesterday morning on a mud bank on the
southern edge of the Ambrose Channel. She ran her nose in the mud at 3 A.
M., and got into deep water again at 8 o'clock with the assistance of a
Merritt-Chapman wrecking tug.

At the time the Adriatic stuck fast most of her passengers were asleep. The
weather was hazy at the time and the vessel was proceeding under reduced
speed. There was no shock when she went on the soft bottom at the edge of
the channel, and what few passengers knew she was fast were only warned by
the sudden stoppage of her engines and the confusion of sailors running
about the decks to obey quick orders.

As soon as the vessel grounded Capt. Smith notified the officers here by
wireless, and within a few minutes a wrecking tug was sent to her
assistance. There was no alarm among the passengers on board, and before
they were up the vessel was free from the mud and on her way to Quarantine.

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