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Biggest Liner's Cabins Full on Her First Voyage Eastward
With her saloon apartments filled, the White Star liner Adriatic,
biggest and newest of transatlantic liners at present in commission,
will sail for Southampton on her first eastward passage of the Atlantic
at 1 o'clock this afternoon. Capt. Smith of the liner and his staff
officers believe that she will perform even better on this voyage than
she did on her maiden westward effort, which ended at New York on last Thursday afternoon.

Owing to the strike of the longshoremen, it is said that the Adriatic
will sail with much of the cargo that she brought over with her still in
her hold. She is expected to reach Southampton early next Thursday
morning. The sailing of the Adriatic marks the inauguration of the White
Star Line's new New York-Southampton weekly service. The other vessels
that have been transferred to this service are the Oceanic, Teutonic,
and Majestic.

Joseph H. Choate, ex-Ambassador to Great Britain, who is to head the
American delegation to The Hague Peace Conference, is one of the
passengers booked to sail on the Adriatic. He will be accompanied by
Mrs. and Miss Choate.

J. Bruce Ismay, President of the International Mercantile Marine, who
arrived on the Adriatic last week, will also sail on the new liner, as
will Sir Caspar Purdon Clarke. Sir Purdon is going on his annual
European vacation, but will find time, while in Europe, to be on the
lookout for desirable acquisitions for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Mrs. Levi Z. Leiter , mother-in-law of Lord Curzon and mother of the
Countess of Suffolk, is another passenger. She is going on her annual
visit to her daughter and Lord Curzon.

Others who will sail an the Adriatic are: Col. George Harvey, Col. and
Mrs. William Jay, Col. William Cary Sanger, ex-Assistant Secretary of
War; Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Iselin and the Misses Iselin, Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Baldwin, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Appleton, Lord Terence Browne, Mrs.
Walter Brooks, Sir Charles and Lady Campbell, Mrs. Case Canfield and the
Misses Canfield, Mrs. James Carstairs, J. W. Corcoran, Mr. and Mrs.
George H. Coutts, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Dickson, Norman Dodge, F. A
Duneka, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Dunscombe, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Elkins, Mr.
and Mrs. James Elverson, Mrs. Richardson Clover, wife of Capt. Clover,
U. S. N.

Mrs Jonathan S. Ely, Mrs. C. L. Goddard, Miss Goddard, Mrs. M. P. Grace,
Mrs. Kate Smith Hanna, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Juliliard, Charles L.
Knoedler, Joseph O. Minott, the Rev. Dr. Henry Mottet, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Oliphant, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ralston, Mrs. T. J. Oakley Rhinelander,
H. L. Story, Vicomte and Vicomtesse de Tristan, Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
Tyler. Mr. and Mrs. George Gray Ward, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. A.
Whitney, and Col. C. E. Wood.

[Several additional paragraphs, detailing passenger arrivals on two
other liners have not been transcribed, nor has a separate article about
Alfred G. Vanderbilt's sailing on Adriatic to attend the International
Horse Show in London.]

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